Chapter 2   Setting Up a Verity K2 Installation

To set up and use Verity K2, you will need to understand the various components and how they relate to each other. Various people in your organization can help execute these tasks:

Administrators design, install, configure, and maintain the K2 installation. They may also create collections and taxonomies.


Knowledge workers are librarians and domain experts that make decisions about what information sources to make available to users of a K2 installation. They design, create, and maintain collections and taxonomies.


Developers create search applications and implement user interfaces that leverage Verity search, classification, and social-network technologies.


End users use applications to search, browse, and retrieve information.


This chapter contains information primarily of interest to administrators. It contains the following sections:

Identifying Information Sources


Designing a K2 Server/K2 Broker Deployment


Installing Verity K2


Setting Up Security


Internationalizing a K2 Installation


Administering a K2 Installation


Managing Information With the Business Console