The Intelligent Content Engine

The heart of K2 is the Intelligent Content Engine. The engine consists of several modules that extract information, create structures, and process data to support K2-enabled applications.

Some components of the Intelligent Content Engine include the following:

The Verity engine, or VDK, which supports collection creation and search.


The Extractor Engine, which supports entity extraction.


The Recommendation Engine, which supports recommendation indexes.


Application-level services for displaying information to users, such as document summaries and spelling suggestions. See Presenting Search Results


The Viewing service, which displays highlighted content for documents (in any of hundreds of native formats) retrieved from a search results page. See Retrieving and Displaying Documents.


The Intelligent Content Engine includes extensive low-level programming interfaces (APIs) and configuration settings that allow applications to control its behavior closely. A large variety of command-line tools also provide access to the engine for creating and manipulating the information structures it manages.

The Intelligent Content Engine can also be accessed through high-level K2 APIs, exposed on the various distributed services in a K2 system.

These services include Administration Servers (for managing the system and its indexes), K2 Servers and K2 Brokers (for accessing collections and other indexes), Ticket Servers (for secure access), Index Servers (for direct indexing of documents), K2 Spider Servers (for using a spider to crawl and index repositories), and Report Servers (for generating user-activity reports). See Choose Which K2 Services to Use for more information.