Intellectual Capital Management With Verity K2

Enterprises of all sizes throughout the world are facing the need to better manage their information. The intellectual capital of an organization—its stored information and data, along with the knowledge and experience of its employees—is now recognized as a critically important resource that has traditionally been difficult to locate and exploit.

Studies have shown that knowledge workers today spend approximately 35% of their productive time searching for information online, yet nearly 40% of corporate users cannot readily find the information they need to do their jobs. Employees who waste precious time searching for information can cost a large corporation hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Intellectual capital management addresses these problems. It combines human knowledge and experience with the information and data in an enterprise for the purpose of exploiting greater value. It allows people in your organization to more effectively locate information that they know exists but aren’t sure where, and also uncover unknown information assets. With that improved access they can respond quickly and accurately to questions, and they can better evaluate content to make better decisions.

Verity K2 contains technologies that help your users succeed in these tasks. Together, the technologies are called intelligent content services. The services include search, classification, recommendation, profiling, entity extraction, and other activities that can maximize the usefulness of your organization’s information.

Verity is the recognized leader in intellectual capital management software. The open design of Verity K2 and its support for universal standards ensures straightforward integration with your existing applications. Its built-in multilanguage capabilities give international access to information. Its scalable architecture gives your business unlimited growth potential and exceptional fault tolerance while maintaining full security. This means users anywhere in your organization, anywhere in the world, can make the most of your information assets.