Administration Console

Most administration of a K2 installation is performed through a browser-based application called the K2 Dashboard. The K2 Dashboard manages K2 services and functionality. Its user interface consists of Web pages (see Figure 1-5). Each page manages a specific function within K2.

Figure 1-5    K2 Dashboard Home page

In the System View pane, The K2 Dashboard gives a visual representation of your distributed K2 system and allows you to configure the system. For example, you can use the Dashboard to control the settings for the following:

K2 Services. Executable processes such as K2 Broker, K2 Server, and K2 Ticket Server.


Indexes. Verity collections, parametric indexes, and recommendation indexes.


Jobs. Collection-indexing tasks and user-defined tasks.


For specific administrative tasks, including batch processing, you can also use one of several Verity command-line tools.

For more information on the K2 Dashboard and the command-line administration tools, see Administering a K2 Installation.