Direct Indexing

Verity K2 also includes a programming interface that applications can use to index and update collections without going through K2 Spider. The Collection Indexing Java API uses the K2 Index server to allow your application to submit document content directly for indexing into a collection.

The Collection Indexing API is especially useful in situations such as these:

No gateway exists for the document’s repository.


You want to implement custom crawling or event triggering not handled by the repository’s gateway.


You want to augment a collection with metadata during or after indexing.


The content to be indexed is on a remote system from the collection and file sharing is not available.



Note   The collection indexing API is not typically used when K2 Spider operations are adequate; using K2 Spider does not require programming.


When using the Collection Indexing API, your application can submit individual documents, or it can submit a list of documents in a special format, called a bulk insert file (BIF).