Organization of This Book

This book includes the following chapters and appendixes:

Chapter 1, Introducing Verity K2. Describes the capabilities of K2 and outlines some of the many benefits that this technology offers to your organization.


Chapter 2, Setting Up a Verity K2 Installation. Explains the steps to design and set up an installation of K2 in your enterprise.


Chapter 3, Indexing and Classifying Information. Describes how to implement the powerful information-access and analysis capabilities in a K2 installation.


Chapter 4, Delivering Information to Users. Describes how to implement the powerful search and information display capabilities of K2 in your application.


Chapter 5, Developing Your Application. Describes how to create and use a K2 application to search documents, browse classified information, and connect to communities of experts.


Appendix A, Contacting Verity Technical Support. Describes how to get help with your questions about Verity products and features.


Glossary. Defines Verity terms and related industry terminology.