Using the Component Framework

The simplest and most-recommended method for creating a K2 application may be to construct it using the Verity Component Framework. With the Frame work you can easily build software components and link them together into a functioning application.

A Component Framework application implements a search capability using the Verity K2 search engine. You create a Component Framework application by defining components and related entities that define the user interface for your application and by placing calls to VComponent methods in a set of JSP or .NET pages to render the interface.

You define the application and its components by using the Application module of the Verity Business Console (see Managing Information With the Business Console). and integrate them into your JSP or .NET pages using the following procedure:

1. Create a new application using the Application module of the Business Console.

2. Create a JSP or .NET page and set it up to use your components.

3. Specify a cascading style sheet (CSS) to use with your JSP or .NET page.

4. Create one or more components in the Business Console Application module. For example, create a search box (Search component) and a results list (Results component).

5. Add the VComponent.draw method to your JSP or .NET page, to render the component in a browser window.

6. Publish your application from the Business Console.

See the Verity Component Framework Developer Guide for more details.