Providing Search Capability

Text search is the most basic and common feature of K2 applications. Once your administrator has built indexed collections of documents and has added higher-level classification and personalization information, your enterprise’s users can then take advantage of your application or portal to access the information structures constructed for them.

K2 gives you flexibility in creating your application’s presentation interface. You can write your own presentation interface or integrate K2 with presentation interfaces from third-party vendors. To support development, K2 provides Java and C APIs (including a .NET interface), plus sample application components. If your enterprise uses a presentation interface from a portal vendor, such as Oracle, BEA or IBM, you can use these APIs to integrate K2. You can also use the APIs to write your own presentation interface, should your enterprise require it.

The main function of your application will be to support the types of searching, browsing, and recommendation features that are most helpful to your users.