Parametric Selection

Supporting parametric search in your application typically involves creating a user interface that supports both parametric selection (for the user to select field values) and text search (for the user to search document content) over the specific collection on which the parametric index is built.

For example, a user might search for a used car by selecting values for categories such as color, mileage, price, and year, as show in Figure 4-1.

Figure 4-1    Pure parametric selection


Your application can also provide sorting capabilities to allow the user to specify how results should be ordered, whether by relevancy ranking or by the values in one or more fields.

If your application supports text search as well as parametric selection, results are restricted to the documents that match the currently selected parameters plus the search terms. In the example shown in Figure 4-2, the user searches for the name of a desired feature (a car alarm) in addition to setting parameters.

Figure 4-2    Text search combined with parametric selection

Your application conducts parametric searches by making calls to the K2 Parametric Java API.