Retrieving and Displaying Documents

When a user of your application clicks a link on the search results page, your application typically displays the content of the document referenced in the link. Your application can take full responsibility for performing the display, or you can use the powerful document viewing and highlighting service provided by K2. This viewing service has the following advantages:

It converts indexed documents to HTML format for viewing directly in the user’s browser.


The viewing service also allows you to specify which template to use for HTML conversion. This capability lets you customize the conversions or tailor the output to different output devices (such as Web browsers, PDAs, and so on.).

It includes the ability to highlight the search terms in the document.


It supports URL-based retrieval from all Verity gateways and Web servers, Lotus Domino servers, and Microsoft Exchange Web servers. If desired, retrieved documents can have links replaced and be dynamically highlighted.


It also supports retrieval of documents in raw, binary format from all gateways (for example, PDF documents from Notes Domino servers), in case you want your application to display the document in native format through a browser plug-in.


It supports display of sub documents that are linked from the main document. This can include HTML links and attachments.



  Note   The viewing service supports display of only those subdocuments that are indexed. It cannot display documents that are in the repository but not indexed into the collection.


It works within the existing K2 security framework (including document-level and collection-level security).


Your application makes use of the viewing service by making calls to the K2 VView Java API.