Populating the Taxonomy With Documents

After the taxonomy is built and a rule bound to each of its categories, you can populate the categories with your documents. You can populate the taxonomy either manually or automatically, or both ways, as follows:



For each document, an expert determines the categories that should be populated and then explicitly populates those categories in the taxonomy with the document.



The system evaluates each document against the rule for each category and assigns the document to the appropriate categories in the taxonomy.

You can combine both methods as you choose. Documents can be assigned to categories based on defined rules, or you can manually override those rules and place a document in a different category or in additional categories.


Note   The way in which a document is assigned to a category can be implied, in some cases, by the import techniques for taxonomy building and for category definition; for example, the document’s URL or path name might be used to assign a category to the document when the taxonomy is created or a category is defined.