Understanding How Business Console Handles Documents

Documents from associated collections are available for users to create category content. This content is shown in the document list of the Documents tab in a taxonomy. Documents for this list can be added manually or automatically depending on the thresholds set in the document distribution graph.

The Business Console taxonomy module introduces the concepts of staging and inbox for how documents are readied for publishing in the draft view. In the draft view, you can manipulate documents until you are satisfied with the document list for a category. All documents to be published must be in the staging area. Documents that require additional review should be placed in the inbox area. Documents you do not want in the category can be removed from the view. This manual manipulation of the documents assists the category editor in creating the exact document set required for the category.

Publishing the category, publishes all documents in the staging area and makes those documents available for your users. Additional documents can be added manually or automatically (see Maintaining Collections) to update published categories.

For information about views and user roles in Business Console, see Getting Started.