Categories and Properties

Categories in Business Console are the nodes in the taxonomy to which content is added relating to a specific topic. Category names are used to identify each category node within the taxonomy, and all categories must have at least one parent category and can have none, one, or more subcategories.

The category name is one of the category properties. Another property is the optional description that is added in the Information tab in the Business Console taxonomy module.

Reference Categories

Sometimes a category belongs in multiple places in a taxonomy. For example, a category corresponding to a specific product on a company's intranet might belong underneath both the Research and Development category and the Marketing category. Rather than duplicating the category and all its documents, you can copy the category and create a reference from the second category to the original. The two categories now share the same properties and document lists, but reside in different parent categories.

Reference categories behave similarly to UNIX file system symbolic links. This type of category can appear in multiple locations in a taxonomy. Reference categories are categories that inherit the properties and document lists from their referred primary categories.

Reference categories:

cannot have child categories


cannot be created to refer to its sibling


cannot be published unless its associated primary category is published