The earlier discussion of information classification assumes that batches of documents have been indexed into a Verity collection before being classified. In many situations, documents arrive incrementally over time and must be classified upon arrival, possibly one at a time. Consider an example in which each email arriving into a customer response system might have to be routed to one of several service specialists. The content of the email is the basis on which the K2 System must decide to which specialist to route the message.

The Verity Profiler facilitates this kind of classification. A set of profiles, such as one for each specialist, is used to classify the document; each profile is expressed as a Verity topic. The set of profiles is compiled into a profilenet, an internal representation that optimizes the efficiency of the Verity Profiler. Arriving documents are evaluated against the profilenet and can be processed based on whether they match one or more profiles.

For further information about the Verity Profiler, see the Verity Profiler Programming Guide or the Verity K2 Profiler Programming Guide.