Shared Topic Rules

Business Console allows you to create links between topics to allow you to share the automatic rules from one topic to another. Once the topics are linked you can add additional query rules and change the properties of the linked topic.

For example, Category C has its properties, documents, and the rules (both automatic and manual) that assign those documents. Creating a topic link allows you to reuse your work on the automatic rules. You might consider creating categories of frequently used sources that you can use as templates to hold the rules. You can link to one of these rule containers, grab the documents generated by the rules, and continue to edit your new category to add manual rules.

When creating a rule on the Training tab the rule can be created in any fashion, but other categories linking to this rule need to use the VQL tree.

You can only link to published categories. If a category exists only in the draft view and has not been published, you cannot link another category to it. Also, when you publish a category that has shared rules with another category, that second category is also updated. If you delete a linked category, the category sharing rules inherits the properties and document list as its own. This ensures that a category does not remain without rules.