Chapter 11   Understanding Synonym Groups

This chapter discusses the concepts for the Business Console Synonym Group module.

Use the synonym group module to refine or expand your searches based on keywords. Keywords can refine or expand searches using one or more of the following factors:

Synonym ring


Query redirection




Each keyword is one topic within a topic set.

For each synonym group, you can add or remove synonym sets. You can organize the synonym sets hierarchically. For each synonym set, you can add or remove keywords. You can also use the reporting wizard to view searches and add or remove keywords based on search results, effectively redirecting queries to become more refined.

Figure 11-1 shows a basic synonym module workflow.

Figure 11-1    Synonym Group Workflow

In addition to creating new synonym sets in Business Console, you can also import existing synonym files and convert the synonyms to the topic set and keyword process used in the synonym module.