Understanding Parametric Index Associations

Parametric indexes are associated with taxonomies and collections in Business Console. When you create a taxonomy, you associate a parametric index with the taxonomy and its collections. You can choose to automatically update the parametric index when a taxonomy category is published, or manually through the parametric index module.

You might want to have a manual association to:

Make a collection available to a taxonomy for search, training, or adding manual documents without needing to create a separate parametric index. For example, you can have managed taxonomy associated with Collection 1 (C1), which is associated with Parametric Index 1 (PI1). If you train a category using LRC and C2, you can apply that training to C1 to update it.


Update the parametric index at set intervals. A manual association prevents an update of the parametric index for each publish.


Allow you more flexibility in modifying the parametric index. You can recreate a previous state more easily during your modifications. For example, you might have tight restrictions on your production system and want to complete the publish actions in phases.


Create a parametric index with multiple values with a single taxonomy.