Editing Fields

Use the application fields to specify attributes and view parameters. The field user interface has the following behavior:

Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).


Fields are selected or unselected using check boxes or the plus and minus buttons next to that field. The plus or minus buttons expand or collapse the related field.


Field values can be set in drop-down lists and text boxes.


The drop-down lists are populated with the available choices for the specific field. Some drop-down lists also editable.

Text boxes require that the field values be typed.

If invalid data is entered into a field, several user interface actions might occur:


The icon for the context or component displays a red x mark.

The text box changes to a pale red color.

A validation error displays in the message panel.

A dialog box displays with a suggestion about creating a valid field.

Some fields are dependent on the value set for another field, affecting the available lists or valid text entries.