Generating Sample Data

You can generate sample data to determine if your parameter and its properties provide the expected results.

1. Select how many documents to use for your sample data. You can choose to:

Select the number of sample documents by typing the number of documents to use or accepting the default of 5000.

Use all documents in the associated collection.

2. Click Generate Sample Data. The Generate Sample Data wizard displays.

3. Select the data source to use for your sample data.

Use the attached collection

Use an existing XML data file

Use an existing XML data file that has been transferred (see Publishing Using a Transferred XML Data File)

If you chose to use an existing data file, you can also choose if you want to purge existing documents from the parametric index.

Click Next.

4. If you choose to use an XML file, you see the following screen. Navigate to the XML data file you want to use.

5. Click Next.

6. Review the data for your sample data. Click Edit Outline if you want to make changes.

7. Edit the outline file and click OK.

8. Click Generate Sample Data. Your sample data is generated.