Publishing Using a Transferred XML Data File

You can choose to use data that you previously generated as sample data from an XML file. After you select the XML file, it is transferred to the server and processed for the sample data. The XML file is then temporarily stored on the server to eliminate a potentially lengthy transfer process. The XML documents are only stored on the server until you perform a publish operation, which publishes your changes and also cleans up everything created by the draft parametric index (including any XML files transferred to the server).

1. If you are using an XML data file you have already transferred to your sever, this option is now available on the initial Publish Changes wizard. Select the option. If you have more than one file on the server, you need to select the file to use from the drop-down list. Click Next.

2. Review the parametric index changes. Click Publish Changes to complete the changes.

3. When the parametric index has been published, click Exit.