Changing the Threshold

You can change the document distribution graph thresholds for a category to allow fewer or more documents to be added automatically. For example, you might want to move thresholds to include or exclude document peaks.

1. Slide the threshold bars to move the automatic publish or inbox thresholds. A dialog box displays for you to confirm the new threshold or manually adjust the values.

Auto-Publish Threshold—Sets the threshold for documents to be moved directly into staging for publication.

Inbox Threshold—Sets the threshold for documents to be moved into the inbox for review. Documents below this threshold are excluded from the category view.


  Note   Documents below the Inbox threshold do not display in the graph. Changing the Inbox threshold changes the graph to display a zoom version of the Inbox and Staging sections.


2. Check Do not Auto-Publish documents to manually move documents to staging.

3. Click Yes. The document distribution graph refreshes with the new values.