Reading the Graph

The Document Distribution Graph displays a rough estimation of documents across a graph according to where they fall in the threshold.

The elements of the document distribution graph include:

Thresholds—Indicated by the red arrowheads to show where the automatic publish or inbox thresholds are. See Changing the Threshold for information about the thresholds.


The graph colors indicate:


red—not included



Green dots—Indicate documents that have been manually marked as relevant for the category.


Red dots—Indicate documents that have been manually marked as irrelevant for the category.



  Note   The locations of the green and red dots provide hints about the quality of the topic training. For example, a number of green dots within the red (not include) portion of the graph might hint that the documents are scoring too low to be considered good training documents.


Graph dips and peaks—Indicate approximately where the documents fall on the distribution graph with respect to scores. The peak number of documents on top left corner refers to the peak of the graph.



  Note   Score information for training documents can be found on the Training tab.


Tooltips within the graph—Show the VdkVgwKey for the training documents.