Installing and Accessing Business Console on the Client

After the initial system configuration, new users accessing the Business Console URL access the Client Web Start Installer page directly. Each client user can bookmark the URL and launch Business Console from their browser.


Note   Business Console is a configurable product. All descriptions, paths, and instructions in this guide pertain to an out-of-the-box installation. Contact your administrator for possible changes made to your installation.


1. Open your browser and navigate to the following URL:



hostname is the name of the host on which Business Console is installed.

port is the port number for the Verity web server on the host.

The Client Web Start Installer page displays.

2. Click the link provided to see if Web Start has been installed.

3. Click Browse Documentation to view this book online.

4. Click Launch Business Console Client. A progress bar appears during the installation.

5. If you are installing Business Console for the first time, a Security Warning dialog box displays after the installation is complete. Click Start to accept the certificate and continue.

6. If you are installing Business Console for the first time, a Business Console Desktop Integration dialog box displays. Click Yes if you want the Business Console icon to be placed on your desktop.

If you choose to add the icon to your desktop, you can start Business Console by double-clicking the desktop icon.

7. The Verity Business Console Login dialog box displays.

8. Type your user ID and password into the text boxes. Typing your Domain is optional.

9. Click Login. Business Console starts.