Understanding Business Console Permissions

Business Console has the following user types:

Administrator. The administrator is usually the user assigned to create parametric indexes in Business Console. This user is often the IT specialist.


Business Analyst. The business analyst is often the user assigned to create promotions and synonym groups, and needs to understand the terminology and capabilities of Business Console.


Developer. The developer is assigned to create applications. This user requires a knowledge of JSPs or .NET, and XML.


Librarian. The librarian is tasked with creating taxonomies.


Although companies might have the same user performing several tasks, this book discusses these user types as described.

Business Console has the following permission levels:

Administrator access. Only K2 administrators have administrator access in Business Console.


Module access. Open and create permissions for each module can be assigned by the administrators. See Managing Users for information about assigning module permissions to users.


Role-based workflow access. Review, edit, and publish permissions can be assigned based on user roles. See Understanding Module User Roles for information about the user roles available in the different modules.