Promotion Group Module FAQ

This section contains the FAQ for the promotion group module.

How do I add my promotion to my application?


Create your promotion in the promotion group module, then add the promotion to your application from the application module. Add a promotion context and select the promotion you want to use. See Adding Promotion Groups for the steps on creating a promotion. See Adding Contexts for the steps to add a context. See the Verity Component Framework Developer Guide for information about the contexts available.

Where are my promotions stored?


Promotions are stored in <installDir>/data/bc/bc/managedtax/<promotion name> directories.

How can I replicate promotion groups on different hosts? And how do I remove the same?


From the Administration window, select the Promotion Groups resources and select a promotion group. Click Add in the Associations section. To remove an association, select the profile net from the list of associations and click Remove.

How do I move my promotions to a production server?


For information about deploying a production server, see the Verity Business Console Application Deployment Technical Note.

How do I change the way my promotion looks in my application?


See the Verity Component Framework Developer Guide for the taxonomy browsing tutorial, which describes how to implement and edit promotions.

How can I add an image to my promotion?


See the Verity Component Framework Developer Guide for the taxonomy browsing tutorial, which describes how to implement and edit promotions.

How do I create an XSL for promotions?


View the default XSL file provided and create a new XSL file to meet your needs.

How can I mix and match search/browse/parametric selection/date/day-of-week triggers in a single promotion set?


To create rules for your promotion set, see Creating Promotion Rules.

What is the basic, recommended workflow?


See Workflow Example for a basic Business Console workflow, including adding a promotion.

How would I embed Flash or special content in a promotion?


To add Flash to your promotion, add a property in your promotion group for the Flash URL. Create or modify your promotion XSL to use the URL value as a Flash-embedded object in your application.

How are my promotion group properties reflected in the XSL?


The default XSL prints the properties and values. Modify your XSL to use these values to meet your needs. For example, use it as a hyperlink or embedded image in your application.

How many properties can I specify for my promotion set?


You can specify as many properties as you need; however, the properties are converted into XML format for storage and the length of this XML cannot exceed 64K characters.

How do I show multiple promotions based on one trigger?


Create multiple promotion sets with the same rule criteria. When the rule criteria is triggered, all these promotion sets are returned to the XSL. You can also define multiple properties for the same promotion set.

How do I limit the number of promotions appearing in the application?


You must edit your XSL to limit the number of promotions for an application.

When would I use multiple promotion groups?


Use multiple promotions groups when the properties to be defined for each promotion set is different. You might also use multiple promotions groups when they are used for different purposes and require separate queries.