Defining Keywords Using a Query Tree

You can define keywords using a VQL topic to populate a node in your synonym set. By selecting the Query Tree option, you enable the following elements on your Definition tab:

When users search for—you can add or delete keywords in this list or access the Reports feature to create or view reports based on keyword. See Managing your Keyword List and Using Keyword Reports for information about these features.


Execute this system search—you can manage the query tree that is executed for the keyword list.


Review document result—you can search for documents and configure your search. See Searching a Query for information about using this search feature.


Creating and Editing a Query Tree

Use the VQL tree editing features to create and edit a query tree to use for your keyword list. You can:

Refresh the query


Test the query


Use the query as a topic


Add a child


Add a link


Delete a node


Toggle between the query input or VQL tree input modes (see Using Query Input or VQL Tree Input Modes)


Refreshing a Query Tree

You can refresh your query tree after making changes. If you have not saved the changes, the refresh returns the query tree to its state prior to the changes.

Click Refresh Query to perform the refresh. The query tree refreshes with your saved changes, or reverts to eliminate the changes.

Testing a Query

You can test your query tree in the document search pane. Test your query tree to determine if any documents are found.

Click Test Query to perform the test. The document list updates with any documents found by searching the query.

Using the Query as a Topic

After performing a search, you can use your search query as a topic if you liked the results.

1. Select a node in the topic editor if you are adding a subtopic to an existing topic. If no topics exist, begin with the next step.

2. Click Use Query as Topic to add your search query in the topic editor. The new topic displays in the editor.

Adding a Node

Edit your query tree by adding new query terms to the tree.

1. Click the Add a Child icon.

2. Type the VQL query for the empty node.

3. Hit your Enter key to save the new node and continue adding nodes. Hit the Enter key again to stop entering new nodes.

Adding a Link

You can add a link in your query tree to share topic rules between synonym sets. This means you can use the topic assigned to a synonym set as part of the definition of the topic for a different synonym set. See Shared Topic Rules for information about shared topic rules.

1. Select the query tree node you want to link.

2. Click the Add Link icon. A Select dialog box displays the available published sets.

3. Select the synonym set you want to link to.

4. Click OK. The linked synonym set displays in the query tree under the node.

5. Click Save Changes to complete and save the query tree changes.

Deleting a Node

Edit your query tree by deleting query terms from the tree.

Click the Remove subtree icon. The subtree or node is deleted from the query tree.