Defining Keywords Using a Synonym Ring

You can define keywords using a synonym ring to populate a node in your synonym set. By selecting the Synonym Ring option, you enable the following elements on your Definition tab:

When users search for—you can add or delete keywords in this list, or access the Reports feature to create or modify keywords based on the reports. See Using Keyword Reports for information on creating and saving reports.


Execute this system search—because the system search uses the keyword terms, this area is not editable in synonym ring mode.


Review document result—you can search for documents and configure your search. See Searching a Query for information about using the search feature.


Managing your Keyword List

Add and delete keywords to define the search run on a synonym set.

Adding a Keyword

1. Click + (add). The Edit Keywords dialog box displays.

2. Type in the keyword. Use commas or individual lines to separate multiple keywords.

3. Click OK. The keyword displays in the list.

Deleting a Keyword

1. Select the keyword to delete.

2. Click - (delete).