Searching a Query

You can use the query setting to search for additional keywords to add to your synonym.

1. Type a keyword into the Research text box.

2. Select the collections you want to search from the Collections drop-down list.


  Note   If you do not select a specific collection, all attached collections are searched.


3. Enter values into the search specification fields.

Show maximum of—Specifies the maximum number of documents to be retrieved.

With a score above %—Specifies the score above which documents are retrieved.

4. Click Search. The results display in the documents list.

From the results list you can determine whether or not this keyword has additional hits to your existing query. If so, you can add this keyword to the node.

You can also use this query as a topic for this keyword list by clicking Use Query as Topic.

To change how the document list is viewed, see Adding or Removing Columns in the Document List and Changing the Document List Output.