Training a Category from Documents

To begin training documents for your category, select the Use Training Documents option and perform a search on the Training tab in the collection or collections you have attached to the taxonomy. Your search results display in the search results list.

Marking Documents for Training

1. Click Save Changes when selecting the Use Training Documents option.

2. Select the documents you want to use as relevant training documents.

3. Click on the Relevant for Training icon. The documents appear in the Training Documents list.

4. Select documents irrelevant to the category.


  Note   You might need to perform a different search for documents that do not pertain to your category.


5. Click on the Irrelevant for Training icon. The new documents appear in the Training Documents list.

Removing Documents from the Training Documents List

1. Select the documents you want to remove from the training list.

2. Click the Remove from Training icon.

Training the Category

After you have selected the training documents, you need to use them to train the category.

1. Click Train.

Ideally, you should use more than 20 relevant documents to create a meaningful topic. Using irrelevant document is not required, but as many irrelevant documents should be used as possible. The NOT operator can be used to identify irrelevant documents.

For information about the collection requirements, see Collection Requirements for LRC.