Searching a Collection

You can search the documents in a collection from the Training tab. The location of the search area changes based on what method you have chosen to train the documents. If you select the Use Training Documents option, the search area is located in the top area of the tab in the Select Documents for Training section. If you select the Synonym Ring, Query, or Query Tree options, the search area is located in the bottom area of the tab in the Review Document Results area.

1. Click on the Training tab.

2. Select the Collections drop-down list in the search area, and select a collection attached to the taxonomy that you want to search.


  Note   If you do not select a specific collection, all collections attached to taxonomy are searched.


3. Enter values into the search specification fields.

Max—Specifies the maximum number of documents to be retrieved.

Above %—Specifies the score above which documents are retrieved.

4. Type the word you want to search for in the Search or Research text box.

5. Click Search. Any documents matching the search criteria appear in the document list.