Selecting a Training Method

There are multiple methods available for you to train your category. Select one of the following options available on the Training tab:

None—indicates that there has been no training for the category, so it contains no documents.


Use Training Documents—use documents from a collection to train a category (see Defining Topics Using Training Documents).


Synonym Ring—use a list of words that you have defined as synonyms, for example, “cheddar, parmesan, cheese” (see Defining Topics Using a Synonym Ring).


Query—use a string query written in query parser syntax (whichever query parser you have chosen to use), for example, "(parmesan or cheddar) cheese" (see Defining Topics Using a Query).


Query Tree—use a VQL editor to handle complex VQL (see Defining Topics Using a Query Tree).


Select an option to train categories using that method. After you have trained the category in the selected method, click Save Changes to save the training changes you have made and set that method as the current training method.

The layout of the Training tab is based on common workflows for the method you choose. Each training method is described in the sections following.