Importing a Taxonomy from a Parametric Index

The following procedure uses the Taxonomy Wizard to create a taxonomy from an existing parametric index.

1. From the Summary screen, click Create in the Taxonomy pane. The Taxonomy Wizard displays.

2. Click Import a Taxonomy in a Parametric Index.

3. Select Automatically publish all categories in the new taxonomy to publish the categories during the creation process. Publishing all the categories eliminates the need to publish each category individually after creation.

4. Click Next.

5. Enter a name for the imported taxonomy. Click Next.

6. Choose a taxonomy to import. Click Next.


  Note   You can click Finish at any time. Business Console uses defaults for the rest of the values.


7. Choose the collections to associate to the taxonomy. Click Next.

8. Create a new parametric index or choose from existing Business Console parametric indexes for any associated collection. Select Automatically update on category publish to ensure that the parametric index is updated with the new taxonomy. Click Next.


  Note   If you select this option, when you publish an updated taxonomy the parametric index associated with that taxonomy is also updated. Other parametric indexes require manual updates through the Parametric Index module.


9. Review the taxonomy selections. Click Create Taxonomy to create the new taxonomy. The taxonomy creation runs in the wizard.

10. When the taxonomy has been created, click Open New Taxonomy to open the taxonomy or Exit to leave the taxonomy wizard.