Creating a Parametric Index Using an Existing Outline File

The following procedure uses the Parametric Index Wizard to create a parametric index from an existing outline file. The file must be a valid parametric index outline file in XML format. See the Verity K2 Parametric Developer Guide for information about creating valid parametric index outline files.

1. From the Business Console screen, select File | New | Parametric Index. The Parametric Index Wizard displays.

2. Click Use an existing outline file. Click Next.

3. Type in a name and a description. Click Next.

4. Browse to the outline file you want to use. Select the file. Click Next.

5. Select a data source to use for the parametric index. The following source options are available:

Use the fields of an existing collection

Use an existing XML data file

No data source

Click Next.

6. If you use the fields of an existing collection, follow the procedure Using the Fields of a Collection.

7. If you use an existing XML data file for your source, follow the procedure Using an XML Data File.

8. If you are creating a parametric index without using a data source, follow the procedure Using No Data Source.