Creating a New Configuration

If you choose to create a new application, use the steps in the following procedure.

1. Select Create new configuration. Click Next.

2. Enter a name for the new application. Click Next.

3. Enter the file path to your web application. Click Verify to validate the path entered. After the path has been validated, click Next.


  Note   Create the application directory on the file system before registering it in Business Console. The path to the application directory should stop at the name of the directory, and not into the config directory. A trailing slash is optional.


4. Optionally, enter the URL to use to preview your application. Click Next.


  Note   The URL needs to point into the folder for the application. For example, if your application is in your webapps folder on the same machine as your Business Console installation your URL might be:


5. Enter a name for the application configuration file. Click Next.


  Note   You can choose to click Finish and let the Business Console create the application configuration using the defaults.


6. Confirm your settings and click Create Application.

7. Click Open New Application after the creation process is complete. The new application opens in Business Console.