Configuring the System

Enter the following information to finish the system configuration.

1. Open your browser and navigate to the following URL:



hostname is the name of the host on which you installed Business Console.

port is the port number for the Verity web server on the host.

The Business Console Administrator Configuration page displays.


  Note   If a ticket server is attached, you need to log in before the Configuration page displays.


2. Type your user name, password, and the domain (optional) into the Administrator Login page. Only a K2 administrator user ID and password are accepted.

When you log in, Business Console checks for a valid administrator user ID. If you are an administrator, Business Console starts the process to configure the application. If you are not a valid administrator, you cannot proceed until an administrator has configured the application.

3. Click Next. The Choose a K2 Server or Broker page displays.

4. Choose a search server or broker to be used by Business Console.

This server or broker is used to provide access to the collections used for taxonomies and synonyms. A broker is recommended for this purpose.

5. Click Finish. The Finished Configuring Verity Business Console Server page displays.

6. Click Exit.

See Installing and Accessing Business Console on the Client for the client installation steps.