Copying a Category Subtree

You can copy an entire category subtree to create a new and separate subtree or to create a reference category. See Reference Categories for more information about reference categories.

1. In the categories pane, select the category to copy.

2. Right click the category. Select Copy from the menu.

3. Select the location to add the copied category.

4. Right click the category. Select Paste from the menu.

as Reference—Creates a reference category with the same name as the primary category.

as Copy—Copies the category as a new subtree.

5. The copied category displays in the taxonomy.

Reference Category Rules

You can modify only the Description, Reviewer Notes, and User Defined Properties fields on the Information tab for reference categories. You can also rename the reference categories. These categories can have values that are different from their associated primary categories. Reference categories can also have different user assignments. You cannot modify document lists, training properties, and topics. This can only be done on primary categories.

When displaying category properties, the properties of the primary category are displayed for all fields except where the reference category has a value that overrides a primary category value.


Note   You cannot recommend documents to a reference category.


The following actions on a primary category that has associated reference categories have the following results:

Publishing a deleted primary category automatically removes any related reference categories.


Publishing a primary category does not automatically publish the reference categories.


Copying a subtree from a resource taxonomy maintains the reference if you also copy the primary category. If you copy the reference category without copying the related primary category, the reference category becomes a standard category.