Chapter 6   Authoring Taxonomies

This chapter discusses the taxonomy authoring tasks performed by users assigned editor privileges in the taxonomy module. This chapter contains the following sections:

Editing a Taxonomy


Editing Category Information


Adding and Maintaining Users


Using Filters


Viewing Published Categories


Viewing Uncategorized Documents


If you are assigned as an editor to a category in a taxonomy, you can perform all the actions that a reviewer can perform (see Reviewing Categories). Additionally, you can perform the following actions:

Edit category node information


Change user roles for users with editor or reviewer privileges


Move documents into staging


Change the taxonomy structure


Train categories using documents in a collection


Use topics to further define your categories


These actions and other editor actions are described in this chapter and in Populating Categories and Managing Documents.

Because multiple users can work on the same taxonomy, the taxonomy module handles actions performed in order to prevent any corruption of the taxonomy.