Managing Users

You can manage the Business Console users from the Administration screen. Each Business Console user must be added to the user list. Once added, you can assign each user permissions for the modules. For example, you can add a jane_doe user and give her permission to open synonyms and create taxonomies. Jane Doe will see the synonym group and taxonomy modules in the Summary window when she logs into Business Console. The synonym group module will enable only Open, but the taxonomy module will enable both Open and Create.

Assigning Open privileges in the taxonomy, synonym group, and promotion group modules allows the user to open and view the items in the modules. Until the user is assigned additional privileges (reviewer, editor, or publisher) within an individual resource, they can only view.

Assigning Create privileges in these modules allows the user to create new resources. They are automatically assigned publisher roles within the resources they create.

The parametric index and application modules do not have additional user role permissions within each parametric index and application. Because of this, assigning Open privileges to users of these modules means that these users can edit and publish.