Incorporating a Taxonomy from a Snapshot

Use the following procedure to incorporate a snapshot of a taxonomy.

1. Select File | Administration.

2. In the Resources pane, select Taxonomies from the Show drop-down list.

3. Click Incorporate Taxonomy Snapshot. The Incorporate Taxonomy Snapshot dialog box displays.

4. Type the path for the managed taxonomy snapshot directory.


Note   You need to point into the directory for the individual taxonomy you want to incorporate. The directory must contain the config.xml file for the taxonomy.

This directory will be controlled by Business Console. If you did not copy the snapshot of your taxonomy into the managedtax directory, the location of the taxonomy is maintained. A copy is not created automatically during the snapshot.


5. Type the taxonomy alias for the taxonomy to be incorporated.

6. Click OK. After the snapshot of the taxonomy is incorporated, the taxonomy appears in the taxonomy resources list.