Chapter 3   Administering Resources

This chapter describes how to administer Business Console. This includes:

Maintaining Modules


Managing Users


Incorporating a Taxonomy Snapshot


Polling Collections


Editing Promotion Group Templates


Editing an Application URL


To access the administration features, you must have administrator privileges. You can then access the Administration tasks from File | Administration.

The Administration window consists of the following elements:

Resource pane—displays the list of available resources, such as taxonomies, collections, or parametric indexes. The pane content is controlled through the Show drop-down list.


Actions—displays the actions possible for the selected resource.


Properties—displays the properties for the selected list item.


Associations—displays the associations for the selected resource. This section changes based on the displayed resource list. For example, taxonomy resources list associated parameters and topic sets, promotion resources list associated profile nets, and application resources do not list associations.