New in This Release

Verity Intelligent Classifier 6.0 has the following updates:

The uni locale is the default locale for this release.



IMPORTANT   All collections created with a previous default locale will need to be re-indexed with uni to be used with Intelligent Classifier 6.0.


If you are licensed for and have installed the englishx locale, englishx is the default locale. See the Verity Locale Configuration Guide version 6.0 for more detailed information on the language and locale capabilities available in K2 6.0.

VQL support has been added for the BUTNOT operator and the LANG/ID modifier. The BUTNOT operator selects documents that qualify your search term (word or phrase). The LANG/ID modifier performs language-specific stemmed searches on collections created with the multilanguage locale. See the Verity Query Language Reference for more information about the VQL operators and modifiers.


Support for sample size limits in thematic mapping. An option has been added to the Thematic Mapping tab in the View | Properties dialog box. You can now set a maximum sample size for the data processing.