Language-Handling Limitations in Locales 6.0

Note the following language and locale issues and limitations specific to this release:

No stemming of pronouns


In the single-byte languages in the uni locale that support stemming, noun stemming occurs but pronouns are not stemmed. (97040)

Specify language when searching in uni locale


In the multilanguage locale, for best results all queries should include the <lang/ id> modifier. In particular, when a search query contains special characters, the search may fail without the modifier. (97065)

Changing locale configuration requries re-indexing


If you change the characteristics of a locale by modifying settings in either its loc00.lng file or its uni.cfg file, search results are unpredictable in existing collections in that locale until you re-index the collections. (96810)

Advanced language handling not available for Korean


Contrary to documentation in the Verity Locale Configuration Guide V6.0, the Korean language capabilities of Locales V6.0 (for both the koreab locale and the uni locale for Korean) do not include the advanced feature (noun-phrase extraction).