New in This Release

Verity K2 6.0 is a major feature release of K2 that features the following new capabilities and components:

Verity Business Console. A new Java-based client application with a graphical interface that helps business users to create and manage information and classification structures as well as to create search applications. It features role-based management and includes these modules:


Taxonomy module for creating and managing taxonomies for topics, topic sets, and parametric indexes. (This module is available only if you are licensed for Verity Collaborative classifier.)

Parametric Index module for creating and managing parametric indexes. (This module is available only if you are licensed for the Verity parametric index feature.)

Synonym Group module for creating synonym sets to expand queries and improve search results.

Promotion Group module for creating content (for example, advertisements, catalog pages, or datasheets) and promoting it by displaying it on a search-results page based on rules you have set.

Application module to create application components with the Verity Component Framework and configure them to work together as a search and browse application.

Verity Component Framework. A set of software components and a Java and .NET interface that makes it easy to develop a search or classification application by assembling and configuring parts. No programming is required; configuration is through the Application module of the Business Console.


A tutorial and a set of functioning sample programs created from the Component Framework are also included.

Revamped K2 Dashboard. The interface and the workflow of the K2 Dashboard have been completely redesigned for K2 6.0. The new K2 Dashboard features a single system view that displays an entire K2 deployment on one screen. It provides new task-based workflows, system notifications, license key management, as well as K2 Ticket Server, Index Server, and Spider Service configuration.


New StyleSet Editor. A new, platform-independent version of the StyleSet Editor is available. Accessed through the K2 Dashboard, you use it to manage style sets for the HTTP, File System, and ODBC gateways.


.NET development support. Both the Component Framework and Verity’s client APIs support development of native .NET applications as well as Java applications.


New K2 Spider capabilities. This release features consolidated spider logs, improved indexing statistics, re-indexing triggered from changes to Windows ACLs, improved stability and job recovery.


Verity Ultra Spider. For HTTP spidering, Ultra Spider is now available as a supplement or alternative to K2 Spider or vspider. Ultra Spider is extremely robust and features continuous crawling, adaptive refresh, and Web-based configuration.


More accurate spelling suggestion. Verity’s spelling-suggestion capability has been extensively re-worked to include


A new algorithm to avoid suggesting misspellings, correct for key transpositions, and consider term frequency

Language dictionaries to validate correct spellings

Custom dictionary capability to provide domain-specific suggestions

Enhanced XML handling. Handling of XML documents in a K2 application has been extended to include


Mapping of attributes to collection fields

Subdocument retrieval

Structure search, using subset of XPath syntax

Numeric range search

Gateway improvements. The Documentum gateway now supports compound document indexing and retrieval. The Exchange gateway now supports Exchange 2003 Server.


The File System, Documentum, and Exchange gateways now support pre-authentication, which is useful in implementing single-sign on solutions.

Extended container-file support. K2 can now index and retrieve Microsoft Personal Folder (PST) files, including individual emails and their attachments. In a ZIP archive on Windows, individual files are now indexed and retrieved separately.


Progressive migration. Certain indexing jobs created with the 5.x K2 Dashboard can use the progressive migration feature of K2 Spider to gradually migrate legacy collections to K2 6.0, without ever having to take the collections offline for a full re-index.


Self-tuning of K2 Server. The K2 Server now automatically adjusts the number of threads it allocates to its collection services based on load.


Profiler enhancements. Profiler can now import XML taxonomies and supports application-supplied metadata.


Locale changes. note these changes to locale handling for K2 6.0:


Default locale is now the multilanguage locale (uni ).

The uni locale replaces the Single-language European locales
(still available as a separately licensed product)

The uni locale replaces table-driven Eastern European/Middle eastern locales
(no longer available)

K2 Reporting. Two new reports have been added: Top Query Words and Top Promotions Shown.


VQL enhancements. The Verity Query Language includes these enhancements for 6.0:


XML/XPath support for the IN operator and the WHEN modifier

A new BUTNOT operator

An updated LANG/ID modifier to work also in thesaurus files

KeyView enhancements. The KeyView 8.3.1 filter pack is included with K2, and it includes the following enhancements:


Support for Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder (PST) files

Support for Password-protected PST files

Support for Unicode MSG files from Outlook 2003

Extraction of both text and metadata from Microsoft Visio files

Support for Star Office, XHTML, and PDF 1.5 formats