Other Documentation

For basic information about installing, using, and developing for Verity K2 6.0, read the following documents:

Verity K2 Installation and Setup Guide


Verity K2 Migration Guide


Verity K2 Getting Started Guide


Verity Developer Getting Started Guide


For more information about working with individual components of K2 6.0, read any of the following Verity documents.


Verity K2 Dashboard Administrator Guide

Verity K2 rcadmin Guide

Verity K2 Recommendation Engine Guide

Verity Locale Configuration Guide

Verity Command-Line Indexing Reference

Verity Collection Reference

Verity Query Language and Topic Guide

Verity Intelligent Classification Guide

Verity K2 ODBC Gateway Guide

Verity K2 Lotus Notes Gateway Guide

Verity K2 Documentum Gateway Guide

Verity K2 Exchange Gateway Guide

Verity Business Console Guide

Netegrity Siteminder Integration Technical Note

Verity Ultra Spider Administrator Guide


For more information about developing applications that work with K2 6.0, read any of these Verity documents:


Verity K2 Client Programming Guide

Verity K2 Parametric Developer Guide

Verity K2 Viewing Service Programming Guide

Verity K2 Profiler Programming Guide

Verity K2 Administration Programming Guide

Verity K2 Security Programming Guide

Verity K2 Collection-Indexing Programmer Guide

Verity Component Framework Developer Guide

Verity Organization Developer’s Kit Programming Guide

Verity Gateway Developer’s Kit Programming Reference

Verity Developer’s Kit Programming Reference

Verity Profiler Programming Guide

Verity Web Services Guide

Verity OEM Deployment Guide