Documentum Gateway


This section contains requirements for the Documentum Gateway.

A DMCL_CONFIG Windows environment variable (if present) that refers to the DocBroker you want the Documentum Gateway to interact with.


A DMCL_CONFIG environment variable is not necessary as the Documentum Gateway can use the DocBroker location you specify during installation. This value is stored in dmcl.ini in the /k2/ platform/bin directory.

If you install K2 and the Documentum Gateway on a host on which a DMCL_CONFIG environment variable exists, the Documentum Gateway will use the DocBroker specified there and not the one in dmcl.ini in the /k2/ platform/bin directory. If you have a DMCL_CONFIG environment variable, ensure that it refers to the DocBroker appropriate for use with the Documentum Gateway.

The name of the host on which the Documentum broker is running. This information is requested at installation time.


Known Problems

Deleting documents with chronicle keys from collections.


When multiple versions of a document with chronicle keys, which are identified by the Documentum gateway usechroniclekey option, and more than one version of the document exists, the content of the document is not removed from the collection until a change is made to an earlier version of the document and the earlier version of the document is reindexed.

For example, if a document contains three versions, 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3, indexing the document causes the content for version 1.3 to be placed in the collection. When version 1.3 is removed from the document, the collection still contains version 1.3 content until version 1.2 of the document is changed (meaning the timestamp for the document changed) and the document is reindexed. (77232)

K2 Viewing Service Does Not Support Multiple Documents of Different MIME Types in a Single Stream


If you are going to be indexing virtual documents where there are multiple MIME Types, such as the parent document is MS Word and a child document is PDF, you must edit the vgwdctm.cfg file as follows:

Enable Viewing Single Content Only



Highlight Problem in Annotation's Note File Using Searching Pattern Function


After indexing annotation documents using vspider, the rcvdk <search> function cannot highlight the corresponding pattern (such as: cat) in the annotation note file.

This is an issue with the way Verity does highlighting based on word position. If you configure the Documentum gateway to index attributes as zones into the full-text index (default behavior) you will see this problem if you have configured for:

Virtual documents


Text viewing of document

During viewing only the content of the document is displayed, not the attributes that were also indexed (because the document is what the customer is interested in viewing). Because of this, what we index for each document does not exactly match what we are viewing therefore the high-light positions of the Virtual document children or annotation are off.


The only workaround is to turn off indexing any kind of metadata.

skipMetadata: FALSE

If you want accurate highlighting in text view with Virtual Document and/or annotation option, then do not index any metadata in the full-text index.

Make the following change:

skipMetadata: TRUE

This will skip indexing of zones in the full-text index. Field mapping to VDK collection fields always occurs. To continue to index zones as part of the full-text index, you can configure the style.dft file. (69289)

Editing the vgwdctm.cfg File Manually May Cause Problems if the attributeFilter Value is Incorrect


If you edit the vgwdctm.cfg file manually, something that is discouraged as you should use the StyleSet Editor to configure your Documentum starting points, you must take care with the attributeFilter entry.

Here is a sample section of the vgwdctm.cfg file that includes the attributeFilter entry:

baseObjectType: dm_document
attributeFilter: “ANY authors=’Verity’”

If the value for attributFilter is not properly formed DQL, no documents will be indexed. You should form and test in idql any value you intend to use for attributFilter . To form the query, use the following DQL query:

select count(*) from baseObjectType where

Using the values in the above example, your test DQL query would be:

select count(*) from dm_document where
ANY authors=’Verity’


Slow User Login Times for Docbases that Contain a Large Number of ACLs


If you experience slow login times for the Documentum gateway, you may be running into an issue creating the ACL cache for that user based on the ACLs in the docbase. To work around this issue, turn off ACL caching in vgwdctm.cfg by setting the following:

searchCache: False

Restriction on Federated Docbases/Distributed Docbases


We have the following restrictions on multiple docbase configurations and using audit trail for incremental updates:

Configuring a collection with version ALL and relying on the iscurrent field to only return results for the CURRENT version of documents. In a distributed docbase environment, the audit trail is not always populated for an event in which a document has lost its CURRENT status. Therefore, a collection may result in inconsistent iscurrent values to track the CURRENT document.

If multiple docbases are configured in different time-zones, and indexing is configured from a central location, Verity cannot guarantee to pick up all events. The audit trail in the central location will be populated with events from the other docbases, but the timestamp on the events will be the time from the docbase that generated the event. Verity reads the audit trail by date to determine new events, since the audit trail will no longer contain events in chronoclogical order, we cannot guarantee to pick up all events.