HTTP and File System Gateways


This section contains requirements for the HTTP and File System gateways. For more information about these gateways, see the Verity K2 Dashboard User’s Guide and the Verity Command-line Indexers Reference Guide.

To access SSL-enabled websites for indexing, searching and viewing, you must have the Verity SSL Option installed.


The HTTP gateway supports the following security types for secure web sites:



Basic with proxy authentication

Form-based authentication

NTLM with and without proxy authentication (on Windows)

Notes and Tips

Improve Search Performance by Skipping Result Set Filtering


For information on skipping result set filtering, see the Verity Collection Reference Guide.

For the File System Gateway, Access Rights Need to be Valid Domain-wide


If Access Control List (ACL) caching is enabled, the File System gateway checks ACLs against the groups or users that it has access to (it’s own local groups and users, and the domain groups and users). The File System gateway cannot confirm a user’s access rights on a remote computer if that user’s rights are assigned only locally on that remote computer.

Assign permissions to files using domain users and groups, rather than local groups.

Using the StyleSet Editor with HTTP and File System Gateways


You should use the StyleSet Editor with the HTTP and File System Gateways on the Master Administration Server (due to the dependency on Verity Business Console which is installed on the Master Administration Server). If you want to use StyleSet Editor on an Administration Server, you must edit the dashboard/WEB-INF/web.xml file to reference the verity_bconsole parameter on the Master Administration Server.

Change this section:




where masteradminhostname:appserverport depends on your installation.

Known Problems

File System Gateway Does Not Support UNIX Level Authentication on Mapped Drives


The File System gateway on Windows cannot authenticate secure collections when they are created and reside on UNIX filesystems mapped by way of Samba. You must disable security in such collections in order to access them. Follow these instructions:

In vgwfsys.prm , comment out all lines, by adding hash marks (#) at the beginning of the line, except the following two lines:

$define VGWFSYS_PRM 1

In vgwfsys.gfl ,change the following line by adding a hash mark (#) as shown: