Important Notes and Tips

This section contains notes and tips that are applicable to all of the Verity gateways.

Verity Locales


For important information about changes in this release with respect to Verity locales, see the New in This Release section of the Verity K2 Release Notes. See aslo the Verity Locale Configuration Guide.

Installing Gateways


The gateways are installed as part of the K2 main installation, provided you have a license key that enables the gateway.

Place Only Verity Collection Fields in Results Lists


Verity recommends that you do not place non-Verity collection fields in results lists. Doing so will cause the gateway to dynamically fetch the field data from the repository server for each results list item.

Specifying date fields that were not indexed will also cause the value to be sent as a string of integers, rather than as a string formatted as a date.


  Note   The Lotus Notes Gateway does not support fetching fields at search time.