Known Problems — rcadmin Command-line Tool

The K2 Ticket Server alias provided for ticketattachset must exist

If you provide a non-existent K2 Ticket Server alias to the rcadmin ticketattachset command, k2admin stops functioning properly. (101311)

Attaching external services can lead to circular references

The rcadmin extbrokerattachset command allows you to create circular references when attaching external services. Services that are connected through circular references will not function properly.

For example, let us say you have Broker A registered on Master Administration Server A, and Broker B registered on Master Administration Server B. You can connect to Master A, and use the extbrokerattachset command to attach Broker B to Broker A as an external service. You can also connect to Master B, and use the extbrokerattachset command to attach Broker A to Broker B as an external service, creating a circular reference. (100748 , 100763)

Style sets registered with rcadmin must already exist at the default path

Before you register a style set using rcadmin , first copy the style set to the data\stylesets\ styleset_name directory. The styleset_name should not contain spaces, special characters, or multibyte characters. Use underscores and alphanumeric characters only. When you then register the style set using the styleset command, it will expect the style set to already exist at the default location, otherwise the command will fail with error code -6195 “Folder does not exist or is not valid.” (90934)