Known Problems — Administration

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Known Problems — K2 Services


Known Problems — General


Known Problems — K2 Services

Aliases for a single service type that differ only in case share a log directory

On Windows, if you create two services that are common in type, and their aliases vary only in case, both services store logs at the same directory. For example, if you create two K2 Brokers on a Windows host and give them the aliases B1 and b1, only one log directory exists at


where install_dir is the Windows installation directory, typically C:\Verity\k2_6


CPU binding is not supported on hyper-threaded Linux machines

On Linux machines enabled with hyper-threading, a K2 Server process cannot differentiate between logical and physical CPUs. For example, consider a Linux machine that has two physical CPUs, but is enabled with hyper-threading for four. If you attempt to start a K2 Server with two CPU licenses, you receive a message that CPU binding is not supported. (100022)

K2 Administration log file creation

The K2 Administration logs process events and status messages in the status.log file according to the configured logging level. This log file is opened for append if it exists, or created if it does not exist when k2admin initially starts. If the log file is deleted while k2admin is running, all messages that k2admin would normally log are lost: the file is not recreated during runtime. If k2admin is then shut down and restarted, the status.log file will automatically be created, and logging proceeds as normal. To prevent the loss of valuable logged information, the status.log file should only be deleted when the k2admin process is not running. (72079, 74116)

Running the K2 services requires a minimum of 1024 file descriptors

On UNIX, to start and run the K2 services, the number of file descriptors for your operating system must be set to at least 1024. Make sure your start-up scripts (such as k2adminstart or any custom scripts) set the number of file descriptors to at least 1024. (75436, 86485)

If the Administration Server fails, K2 Server may become unresponsive

Typically, if a K2 service is managed by an Administration Server, this service does not start up when the Administration Server is being shut down. However, in the unlikely case a K2 Server receives a socket connection just as the Administration Server shuts down, the K2 Server can become unresponsive. (75833)

Known Problems — General

On Windows, Java-related K2 components may not load

If you are a Windows user and your Java-related Verity components do not load, ensure Java is running properly. For example, if the Business Console or the StyleSet Editor (for File System, HTTP, and ODBC gateways) do not load, verify the Java status, or, alternatively, log out from Windows and then log back in, or reboot your Windows system. (100816)

Binary compatibility between components

Servers (K2 Server, K2 Broker, K2 Admin, K2 Ticket, and so on), utilities (rck2 , mkvdk , and so on), applications (using the K2 Client API, VDK, and so on), and drivers (such as gateways, filters, locales, and so on) must all be binary-compatible.

You should never copy drivers, libraries, or other K2 system-related files from one release to another. You should only apply patches to the current release.

Index aliases must be unique to the host

If you try to create a collection with the same alias name as that of another collection on the same host, the creation will fail. The centralized nature of K2 Administration enforces a single use of an index alias for a single host. To mirror the same index on the same host, you must use different alias names for each mirrored index. However, you can also mirror a collection on separate hosts, in which case each instance can use the same alias. (71411)