This book is intended to be used by C programmers who wish to implement a Verity Gateway. The audience is expected to be familiar with the use of Verity-supplied gateways within Verity products, such as the file system gateway within K2, and have an exposure to, perhaps concurrently, the Verity Developer’s Kit (VDK) and its associated APIs.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) may wish to implement gateways for data sources that are not currently supported by Verity-supplied gateways. Typically, this kind of gateway requires calling a third party’s APIs or scripts from within the gateway driver to retrieve documents and meta-information from the data source.

It is intended that a programmer reading this documentation will be able to understand the concepts related to implementing a gateway and use the Gateway Developer’s Kit (GDK) API to implement the callback routines that define the gateway driver.

This preface contains the following sections:

Using This Book


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